front cover of the Centenary booklet showing an ink drawing of the hall


This small booklet contains a factual account of the Opening Ceremony of Colmonell Public Hall (as it was originally known) and how – what was considered then a large sum of money, was raised. By the foresight and generosity of the subscribers, the people of Colmonell were provided with an extremely fine building.

The Hall, or Community Centre as it is now known, has been the focal point of social life in the community for One Hundred Years. All through that time it has provided a venue for a wide and varied range of events Billiards, Bowls, Badminton, Concerts, Home Guard Drill Hall, Blood Transfusion Centre, Whist Drives, Committee and Public Meetings, Youth and Playgroups, a Library – the list is endless.

During two World Wars, young people who had been posted far from family and home found warmth, relaxation and, occasionally romance within its walls. This is as it should be, and is in the very highest tradition of Village Halls.

However, halls cannot exist of themselves. People have to be involved to generate the motive power and I welcome the opportunity of paying tribute to those elected members of committees down the century, who by perception and loyal dedication, have maintained both the fabric of the hall and the facilities it offers.

We now enter the second century in the life of Colmonell Hall. There is no reason why in 2090, it should not still be a rallying and meeting place for the people of this area. We should be aware of its importance and be prepared to put our collective shoulders to the wheel to ensure its survival.

In conclusion, I pay tribute to the committee advisors from Strathclyde Community Education Service, and all who have undertaken research for this project. I am indebted to them all.