In compiling this ‘Story of Colmonell’ I am greatly indebted to many good friends who have helped and encouraged me. In particular I would like to mention Rev James Hay Hamilton, a former minister of Colmonell Church; James McLachlan, Session Clerk; Mrs Agnes McCrindle, Bellevilla House, Stranraer; Robert McNaught, Colmonell Firemaster; Hugh Sloan, Clachanton; Mr Harvey, Schoolmaster; Mrs Porter, Bellimore-on-Tig, and Mrs Gregg, Corwar Mains, who all provided me with invaluable information.

The beautiful illustrations, which have added so much to the story, were done by lan McKenzie, B.A. (Hons), to whom I am very grateful. To all those whose memories I jogged into giving me their personal anecdotes, and finally to my Mother for her continuous help and support, and the family for their patience! - Many Thanks!

June 1987

Lorna C. Hood